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    Love the Big “O”

    A well-written orgasm is like a nod between comrades or secret club-mates, like the author’s saying to me, “I know you don’t just want the foreplay — you’re at home all by yourself and you want that Big Fantastic Finish as well…”

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    Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing

    I’ve been reading some interesting discussions about the rise of self-publishing generally — or “indie” publishing as people are trying to call it, to link back to the indie movements for music and movies.   It was never that interesting to me, honestly, because I never had a personal stake in it before.  But basically: it’s no longer so clear-cut that traditional publishing is a superior way to make a living off your writing.  The buying audience is changing and indie publishing is completely legitimate to many (MANY) readers who just want a decent story at a decent price.

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    Written Porn vs. Audiovisual Porn

    Whenever I watch professionally produced porn I always feel like a distanced observer — not even a voyeur, because I know it’s a performance which is meant to be watched, a staged setting that’s properly lit and mic’d, and which the director/cameraman control my experience of because they choose what to focus on, what angles to film, what cuts to use, how long it all lasts.