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    Important Note To My Readers

    Erotica ebooks are in a state of flux at major online retailers right now, including mine. Until things settle down, you may find that links to the sales pages for some of my ebooks are broken or go to error pages. You may find that the sales links work, but the cover images and titles are now different. Click to learn more.

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    Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing

    I’ve been reading some interesting discussions about the rise of self-publishing generally — or “indie” publishing as people are trying to call it, to link back to the indie movements for music and movies.   It was never that interesting to me, honestly, because I never had a personal stake in it before.  But basically: it’s no longer so clear-cut that traditional publishing is a superior way to make a living off your writing.  The buying audience is changing and indie publishing is completely legitimate to many (MANY) readers who just want a decent story at a decent price.