A Sister’s Surprise – $2.99

A Sister's Surprise

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Mel has always felt the wrong way about her older stepbrother Ethan. For years, she’s kept the secret of a drunken, illicit encounter, believing she was the only one of them to remember it.

Then, on a family trip to the Caribbean, Mel and Ethan are forced to share a cruise ship cabin — and all the secrets threaten to overwhelm her. But Mel’s surprised to learn that Ethan’s been hiding secret feelings of his own!

This steamy erotic romance story about unconventional love and passion between unlikely people totals 9000 words.


I told myself it was a blessing in disguise that he’d been too wasted to remember kissing me. To remember touching me. I couldn’t imagine how our lives would change if he had remembered. Our comfortable, loving might be ruined. At least this way, I was the only one burdened with the ugly truth.

Except it hadn’t been ugly at all. It had been the most wonderful moment of my life. It still was—I’d never kissed another guy again, never even come close. Ethan was my first and only.

It was my biggest secret. It was a memory I sometimes pulled out late at night when my body’s urges got to be too much for me and I had to release the tension.

Even years later, it was still amazing and arousing to me that that night had really happened. But I had to wonder if I would ever be able to top it….

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