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Say Yes by Lyla Luray

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Julie believes in chastity — that’s why she’s getting married at the tender age of nineteen. But when she tries on her dream wedding dress for her stepfather Larry, Julie realizes there are other things she wants for her life, her body and her heart!

SAY YES is a 10,000 word erotic romance story about an unconventional love and passion between two unlikely people.


“Tim should learn how to touch you properly,” Larry said in answer to her question finally, breaking the charged silence that had fallen between them.

“H-how do you mean?” Julie asked. Her heart began beating faster.

And then Larry shocked her by brushing his fingertips directly over the naked round tops of her breasts, above the lace of the bra. “These are meant to give you pleasure,” he said. Then he brushed the fingertips of his other hand above her panties. “Touched in the right way, your mother was insatiable.”

His hands felt so warm, even with just these tiny caresses. Julie’s breath went shallow and she gulped. He was talking about sex. She’d asked him to explain what Tim should know, but she hadn’t expected a hands-on demonstration.

Or the effect it was apparently having on her. A slow, slightly queasy feeling had started low in her belly, but it wasn’t exactly unpleasant.

“Daddy?” she breathed, not quite sure what she was asking.

“And this…” he murmured. Then he cupped his hand over the place where her thighs met her mound. “So mysterious to so many young men, but the key to everything for a woman.”

His fingers brushed feather-light over the lace itself, and the material was so thin Julie could have sworn she felt his touch directly on her skin. She gasped at the sudden rush of warm heat to that place….

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