Billionaire’s Boy Toy – $2.99


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When billionaire CEO Hugh Wyatt throws a swanky housewarming party in his brand new penthouse, Adrian Dunn, a cub reporter with the Wall Street Journal, seizes the opportunity to get a scoop.

But when Hugh lures young Adrian away for a private interview, business mixes with pleasure as Hugh engages in a sensual seduction. Adrian isn’t sure how far he’ll go for a story, but he’s about to find out!

This steamy hot 6400 word erotic short story features a young gay man being seduced and dominated by a billionaire alpha male, gay oral sex, gay anal sex, and secret urgent office sex!


Adrian held very still as Hugh closed the distance between them again. He tried to remember, as Hugh’s mouth crashed against his, if he’d ever been the object of a seduction before, something so calculated and purposeful, someone who knew exactly what he wanted and had the power and self-assurance to go after it. It made all of Adrian’s previous erotic encounters seem fumbling and awkward in comparison.

This time Hugh used his hands, sliding one up the back of Adrian’s neck into his hair, the other around his waist to the small of his back. For a split second the alcohol-induced haze delayed Adrian’s reactions to these sensations. Then he opened his mouth and Hugh’s tongue slid against his, the Champagne aftertaste like a remnant of fire, and Adrian was gone.

He backed Hugh against the steel-and-glass desk, kissing him hungrily, connecting with the hard surface and scrabbling for purchase so that Hugh was caught in the circle of his arms….

  1. Shelley

    I love this story!! Any chance of a follow up? A check in ?
    Thanks so much for sharing your stories;)

    • Lyla

      Hi and thanks very much for asking about this story! It was not a big seller, so I honestly hadn’t planned to follow it up with a sequel. But I’d be curious what you might like to see. Who knows, maybe I’ll get inspired! 🙂

  2. Shelley

    I have 2 lines of thought on this one;)
    1. Adrian reflecting about Hugh and their relationship and how they make it work. Are they a couple? Are they sexting? Are they spending weekends with each other an playing associates outside?
    2. Adrian an the rest of the “toy box” helping the newest guy acclimate to being a boy toy. I can see them at some party.. Having a drink an one of Hugh’s school friends guy coming in all not sure of his place in this world.

    I don’t know I just loved Adrian an Hugh’s beginning an could see a whole line from it.

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