Month: ‘May, 2013’

  • Billionairesboytoy

    Billionaire’s Boy Toy – $2.99

    Billionaire CEO Hugh Wyatt seduces young reporter Adrian Dunn. How far will Adrian go to get a scoop? 6400 words of erotic gay billionaire seduction and domination!

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  • Henley Virginia Awomanofpassion

    Virginia Henley – A Woman of Passion

    ​Marble-hard manroots abound in this tale of real-life Elizabethan figure Bess of Hardwick. If there were criminal tribunals for purple prose offenders, Virginia Henley would get a whole bunch of books thrown at her. But I appreciate the thorny Scarlett O’Hara type character she makes out of Bess.

  • Marybalogh

    Mary Balogh – Tangled

    Mary Balogh’s catalog is big enough that she’s got some wonderful romances and some outright stinkers. Unfortunately, thanks to Stupid Romance Novel Plot Shenanigans, this one’s a stinker.

  • Amazonsearch

    Finding Erotica at Amazon

    If you buy any sexually explicit fiction at Amazon, ​there have been some recent changes to the site’s search function which may affect your shopping habits. Many erotica and erotic romance titles are now “adult filtered” and will not appear if you search for them from the Amazon main page. So how can you find erotica at Amazon now? Click to find out!