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Alleyne has vowed to dedicate his life to God and his fellow monks, forswearing all pleasures of the flesh — until the day Vikings raid his monastery. Thorbrand, the fiercest and strongest of the Viking warriors, claims the innocent young Alleyne as his reluctant slave.

The golden-haired Norseman’s heated kisses and fiery touches awaken sinful desires in his new thrall, challenging Alleyne to forsake his vows and choose a different path. But can the virginal young monk learn to live and love as a man?

In this 11,730 word gay historical romance about forbidden lust and sweeping passion, a dominant Viking initiates his reluctant virgin slave into the pleasures of first time gay sex. Contains bondage, gay oral sex, swallowing, size kink, and anal sex.

Edit April 14, 2013: I’m thrilled to announce this story is now a bestseller at All Romance Ebooks!


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He prayed to God the Father and Jesus the Son, and to Mary the Mother of God. He recited the same prayers over and over again, as Thorbrand draped a long, muscular thigh over Alleyne’s thighs, as he dragged one large hand over Alleyne’s chest. His palm brushed the pebbled flesh of Alleyne’s nipple, making Alleyne jerk.

Thorbrand snorted, his breath washing over Alleyne’s ear. “It will be easier for both of us to achieve our goals if you participate. More pleasurable, too.”

“I do not allow this for pleasure.”

“But will you allow pleasure to occur?” His hand slid slower, spanning the side of Alleyne’s ribcage.

“Yours, yes.”

“Hmm.” Thorbrand leaned in, and the trimmed hairs of his stubble tickled Alleyne’s neck and the underside of his jaw. The heat of his breath increased, smelling of sweet mead and providing a fiery counterpoint to the freezing wind which had driven Alleyne into this position. “I take that as a challenge,” Thorbrand said…

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