Tentacle Trio (3 Sexy Stories) – $5.99


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Three steamy hot stories of tentacle sex and tentacle love in one freaky erotic bundle — at over 30% off the total price!

Over 20,000 words of erotica and erotic romance featuring first time sex between reluctant virgins and tentacle monsters, tentacle breeding, oral and anal tentacle sex, triple penetration, ejaculating tentacles, voyeurism, and group sex performed by the followers of a tentacle god!

Tentacle Monster Next Door

Marlee is a young virgin saving her first time sex for marriage. But when she’s forced to use her neighbor’s pool for the summer, a strange secretion on the tiles gives her an uncontrollable sinful lust! It turns out Mr. Holt is a tentacle monster — and the only way he can save the reluctant virgin Marlee is to give her orgasm after orgasm, all while restraining her naughty horny body with his multiple tentacles. The virginal Marlee enjoys her reluctant pleasure so much, she’s forced to decide whether she really wants a husband for her first time — or if she wants all the rough tentacle sex Mr. Holt can give her!

Night of the Tentacles

Teri and Jorge land on a deserted island after a plane crash. When Teri seeks comfort from Jorge, she’s shocked to discover he’s a tentacle monster — and he wants to breed! Jorge’s tentacles secrete an intoxicating substance which makes Teri desperate to pleasure each and every one of them, and to provide a warm willing womb for his monster seed.

Taken by the Tentacle God

At age thirty, Kate is still a shy virgin. When she splurges on a vacation at a tropical island resort, she spots a darkly handsome stranger who she fantasizes is Mr. Right. But Kate is shocked to discover that Mr. Right is actually Tol, a tentacle god whose followers kidnap her and force her to become his mate! What’s even more shocking is Tol’s intense focus on Kate’s pleasure. It turns out Kate can’t get enough of him or his tentacles — especially once their secretions arouse her uncontrollable lust! Will Kate’s passionate sexual awakening make her the right mate for the tentacle god?

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