Taken by the Tentacle God – $2.99


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At age thirty, Kate is still a shy virgin. When she splurges on a vacation at a tropical island resort, she spots a darkly handsome stranger who she fantasizes is Mr. Right. But Kate is shocked to discover that Mr. Right is actually Tol, a tentacle god whose followers kidnap her and force her to become his mate!

What’s even more shocking is Tol’s intense focus on Kate’s pleasure. It turns out Kate can’t get enough of him or his tentacles — especially once their secretions arouse her uncontrollable lust! Will Kate’s passionate sexual awakening make her the right mate for the tentacle god?

This 7,180 word erotic romance story features first time sex between a reluctant virgin and a tentacle god, oral and anal tentacle sex, triple penetration, ejaculating tentacles, voyeurism, and group sex performed by the followers of a tentacle god!


“Please…” I whispered. Whatever else there was to say, only four words made it through the fog in my mind: “Please don’t hurt me.”

“Sweetling,” Tol whispered back, raising his head a bit to speak directly into my ear. “I will never hurt you.”

Then his lips captured mine.

A sigh gusted through the crowd, which had been watching us the whole time, still kneeling naked in the sand. At the same instant, my entire body seemed to blaze to life, just like the torches surrounding us. The arousal I’d felt from his followers’ massages was like a mild drizzle compared to the storm sweeping me up now.

I was completely consumed by the kiss, by the way his mouth persuaded mine to open, by the hot slide of his tongue against mine, by the way he tempted my body closer through the strange power of his magnetism.

He tasted of salt from the ocean and something darker which I couldn’t pinpoint, but seemed connected to the smell of his skin. It was intoxicating, as if he’d tipped a glass of dark wine to my lips and let a small sip of it slip down my throat.

My arms fell to my sides, leaving my front completely exposed. The peaks of my nipples dragged against his hard chest and a moan escaped my throat. I felt his hands stroke my waist, still slick from the oil which his followers had rubbed into me. Then they slid around to my back, drawing me flush against him….

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