Tentacle Monster Next Door – $2.99


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Marlee is a young virgin saving her first time sex for marriage. But when she’s forced to use her neighbor’s pool for the summer, a strange secretion on the tiles gives her an uncontrollable sinful lust! It turns out Mr. Holt is a tentacle monster — and the only way he can save the reluctant virgin Marlee is to give her orgasm after orgasm, all while restraining her naughty horny body with his multiple tentacles.

The virginal Marlee enjoys her reluctant pleasure so much, she’s forced to decide whether she really wants a husband for her first time — or if she wants all the rough tentacle sex Mr. Holt can give her!

This 5945 word story contains the rough deflowering of a reluctant virgin by a tentacle monster, multiple penetration by tentacles, and multiple orgasms from oral sex and tentacle sex.


“Touch me,” she heard herself beg. “More.”

He came off her nipple with a low growl and practically attacked the white bikini strings tied at her hips. “I can’t allow myself to lose control,” he told her in a rough voice. “This is dangerous enough without me transforming fully.”

He’d mentioned his other form, but hadn’t told her what it was. He simply kept warning her about sundown, and having to be careful, and — but Marlee lost all thought processes as the front of her bikini bottom fell away and his tongue slithered between her legs…

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