A Brother’s Lust – $2.99


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When virginal young Kristen moves in with her alpha male stepbrother Derek after his tour with the Marines, she believes life is perfect. Then she overhears him having sex!

Jealous and turned on, Kristen decides to take matters into her own hands — literally. Can Derek resist the temptation of his hot virgin stepsister, or will their forbidden desires turn into a passionate taboo tryst?

This romantic 5,550 word story contains explicit taboo first time family sex between a stepbrother and his virgin stepsister, oral sex, doggy style, and voyeurism.

This ebook has been re-titled THE REUNION at Amazon.


“Oh, Christ,” he breathed. “Kristen, go to sleep.”

“I can’t,” I said. “Not with this ache. Can you?”

I reached out to touch the smooth skin of his back. He flinched, but didn’t move away from me. He was as warm as a furnace, hard and toned. I stepped even closer, sliding my hands around to his front, flexing my palms against his flat belly, running my fingers down the trail of hair.

“This is so fucking wrong,” Derek groaned.

But it didn’t feel that wrong. We cared about each other. I wanted him to be happy. He wanted me to be safe. Weren’t those good, positive things?

I took one last step, bringing my body flush against his back. He was so much bigger than me; my breasts, through my tank top, touched just below his shoulder blades, and my stomach pressed against his firm ass.

“Fuck,” he whispered. “Kristen, stop.”

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