Her Billionaire Hero – $2.99


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Candace’s boss Alec, long dismissed by the world as a shallow billionaire playboy, has just revealed his secret life as a costumed crime fighting superhero! But which is the real Alec? After a few close encounters, Candace discovers the lonely, passionate soul beneath Alec’s many masks — but will she have the courage to love her billionaire hero?

This 15,655 word erotic romance story features steamy, intimate encounters between a billionaire boss and his long-suffering personal assistant, including oral sex, office sex, desk sex, and bathroom sex.


I kissed him again. Alec responded urgently, as if he’d been just as starved as me. I supposed we had that in common: two lonely people trying to be less lonely together.

He seemed to have taken our brief talking break as permission to let go of any doubts or inhibitions. He brushed a thumb over the tip of my breast, while his other hand moved down my back to cup my ass. The thin material of my tank top and yoga pants provided little resistance. I provided even less: I gasped and arched against him, perched precariously on the edge of the sink, then gasped again as he trailed his tongue down the side of my neck.

“Alec,” I whispered, “I want to touch you. Take this off.” I brushed the heavy shoulder pads of his body armor.

“We should probably move to a bigger space,” he whispered back.

If I hesitated, I’d lose my nerve. I didn’t hesitate. I slid off the sink, took his hand, and led him down the hall to my bedroom…

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