Night of the Tentacles – $2.99


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Teri and Jorge land on a deserted island after a plane crash. When Teri seeks comfort from Jorge, she’s shocked to discover he’s a tentacle monster — and he wants to breed! Jorge’s tentacles secrete an intoxicating substance which makes Teri desperate to pleasure each and every one of them, and to provide a warm willing womb for his monster seed.

This 6880 word story features explicit sex with a tentacle monster, intoxicated consent, multiple penetration, breeding, and infidelity.


Slick, but not with saliva, not anymore. Instead, there was a sweet, intoxicating taste to whatever was fucking my mouth, making me want more of it. The taste was subtle at first, but it quickly grew, growing stronger still as my tongue began to lap against it more actively, as my lips sucked on it more firmly. I opened my eyes to see that Jorge’s were closed, as if he were simply kissing, not somehow fucking my mouth with this impossible cock-tongue.

He must have sensed me watching him, because his eyes opened and stared into mine, heavy with lust. And then the cock-tongue pressed even more powerfully into me, pulsing along its length as I sucked on it, staring into Jorge’s eyes.

And it was growing larger: not just filling my mouth but sliding against and then down my throat. Strangely, I didn’t feel the need to gag anymore. That sweet taste and an equally sweet scent filled my senses, wrapping me in a soft haze where the only important thing in the world was to suck on and pleasure that cock-tongue…

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