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Milly Stevens, a hot freshman girl with an overwhelming love for cock, catches the lustful eye of her college dean. He’s much older than Milly’s used to, but she just can’t help seducing him — right inside his campus office!

This 3580 word story features a hot May/December sexual encounter between a slutty schoolgirl and a college professor, oral sex performed on both partners, and an urgent pounding on the office rug!

Milly’s kinky adventures continue across four more stories in the COLLEGE SLUT series, available as a bundle or individually.


She leaned back down and whispered in his ear, “Touch me, sir. Please? You can touch me anywhere.”

He dragged in another trembling breath. His hand squeezed her breast, thumb stroking the stiff peak of her nipple through her shirt, while his other hand crept up her thigh and dove beneath her short skirt to cup her ass.

“Oh, God,” he muttered. “What am I doing?”

“You’re making me feel wonderful,” Milly whispered to him. “Please don’t stop, Dean Johnson.”

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