Beast Brother – $2.99


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Jenna is reunited with her foster brothers Shawn and Brett after four years apart. When Brett catches Jenna and Shawn fooling around, they get a nasty surprise: Brett’s a werewolf! To prevent his dangerous change into a full-on wolf, Brett must dominate them both by taking Jenna’s virginity — with Shawn watching! Will this savage sexual encounter tame their beast brother?

This 5775 word story contains pseudoincest between foster siblings, virgin sex, oral sex, voyeurism, and one hot alpha male werewolf!


Brett was panting, his wolfish golden eyes fixed on the top part of my dress. With trembling hands, I reached for the straps and pulled them down, then pushed the whole garment to the floor. I stood under the harsh kitchen light, naked except for my thin panties.

I only caught a glimpse of Brett’s face as he quickly advanced on me, but I could see he was more beast than man. There was nothing of my brother in his expression—only dark, urgent, salivating hunger.

He pushed me backward, toward his bedroom, ripping the panties from me with his clawed hands. I felt the sharp points graze my hips and shivered, but whether from fear or strange desire, I wasn’t sure. All I knew was that when I hit the edge of the mattress and fell onto my back, I felt completely bare and vulnerable…

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