A Sister’s Secret – $2.99


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Sneaking into her stepbrother Kent’s room one night, Megan gets a sexy surprise. When she goes back for seconds, she gets even more than she bargained for! These two hot stepsiblings have always flirted and joked around, but what happens when flirting leads to uncontrollable lust?

This 5000 word romantic erotica story features consensual sex between characters 18 years of age or older.


“I won’t tell. Everything we do tonight is a complete secret.”

“Okay,” Kent said with a sigh, seeming to have come to a conclusion during my last few strokes of his cock, as his hips started to gently rock back and forth in sync with my hand. “Okay, fuck, okay. But let’s both promise this is just about scratching an itch. Two young, sexually starved people just doing what they need to do.”

“I promise,” I replied…

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