The Billionaire Buyer – $2.99


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Lia has just become an erotic dancer at an exclusive sex club, whose membership is limited to rich and powerful men like Gavin Rhodes. When Gavin becomes her first client, Lia realizes he wants a more personal experience, and their intimate encounter teaches Lia to exercise some power and influence of her own.

This 6600 word romantic erotica story features sex work between consenting adults.


Lia took his hands and brought them to her hips.  “The benefit of a dance which is just for you,” she said, “is that it’s interactive.”

His fingers flexed and brought her closer, further into his heat.  “A benefit indeed.”

She rested her upper arms on his shoulders, running her own fingers through his dark hair.  It was silky to the touch.  She could feel his warm breath whispering over her breasts, and the firm slope of his abdomen kissed her belly.

In spite of her anxiety, these sensations lit a tiny kindling fire between her thighs.  In the mirror, she could see the back of his head juxtaposed against her chest and shoulders.  Suddenly, she hungered for more.  It had been so long since she’d touched anyone, since anyone had touched her…

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