Sophomore Seductions – $2.99


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Milly Stevens just wants a good grade on Professor Drake’s paper, but then she catches him looking at college girl porn! When Milly decides to take advantage of the situation, she easily seduces Professor Drake, but little does she know he’s got a sexy surprise or two of his own!

This 4220 word story contains professor student sex in the office, oral sex, older man/younger woman, multiple orgasms, and woman on top — very much on top!


He’d come up off the floor now, bending over her like a crouching beast, his hands wrapped round her thighs.  All she could see down the length of her body was his shaggy gray head buried in her crotch.  She could feel his dripping wet mouth, his thick tongue, his slick lips.  His hot breath blasted her with each moan he made.

She closed her eyes and imagined him doing this in the lecture hall, imagined the eyes of all her classmates on them, imagined the boys stroking themselves and the girls crossing their thighs to get some friction, imagined the whole room tracking her arousal and following her up and up, their own arousal pushing her higher in return….

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