Only for Daddy – $2.99


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Milly’s stepfather knows she hasn’t been faithful to him — and it’s time to see exactly how slutty she can get! He arranges a blindfold test in which three of Milly’s other lovers get ten minutes each to do whatever they want to her. Then it’s up to Milly to decide who she really wants in her bed — and in her heart!

This 7900 word story of taboo sex and forbidden lust contains daddy daughter sex, professor student sex, reluctant bondage, voyeurism, oral sex, and steamy hot shower sex!


He pushed her legs apart and buried his face in her. She was positively dripping—he might have known that getting tied up for his punishment would get her even more excited. He licked up the salty, musky flavor of her, massaged her over and over with his tongue, thrust his thick fingers into her. She bucked her hips up to meet his mouth, keening with need.

After a month of this Conrad was well-attuned to her body’s responses. Milly was enjoying his attentions and would come very soon if he kept it up, but she was still more or less in control.

He lifted his head from her and crawled up her body, shoving his tongue in her mouth so she could taste herself on him…

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