Office Orgasm – $2.99

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Laura is a taskmaster boss used to getting her way — especially when it comes to sex! Late in the office with her new assistant, she gets more than she expected: a young man so eager to please, tonight she’ll have him twice. Two office orgasms could equal one obedient long-term slave for the boss!

This 5250 word story contains a female domination male submission dynamic between an older woman and a younger man, office sex with the boss, spanking of a young man’s bare bottom and oral sex performed on a woman at the boss’s command!


Now he was getting greedy and naughty. Pushing his hands away and taking my hand off his cock, I told him, “You need to settle down if you want to keep being a good boy. Be patient and don’t move until I let you or I will not be pleased. Now the next words out of your mouth had better be ‘as you wish’!”

His hand went limp, his hips stiffened and his cock oozed more pre-come as he said clearly: “As you wish.”

What a good boy! As a reward my hand went back to that nice hot cock of his, stroking it gently, getting it slick with his pre-come, as my legs spread wider, my pussy got hotter, wetter, my nipples harder, as I thought about that cock pumping inside me….

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