His Sister’s Bikini – $2.99


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Aaron throws a pool party when his parents are out of town, only to be thrown for a loop when his little stepsister Tara unveils her new bikini — and her hot new body with it! How will Aaron manage to fight off all the guys panting after Tara at the party when he’s out of his mind with lust for her as well?

This 5400 word romantic erotica story features inappropriate lust between stepsiblings, oral sex, and pool sex!


She had her back to him, her hands on the edge of the pool as if about to hoist herself out. But instead of doing that, she turned her head to look at him over her shoulder. And slowly, deliberately, she reached behind herself to undo the string of her bikini top where it was stretched across the middle of her back.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Aaron stuttered.

“My new bikini broke,” Tara said, her voice clear and distinct in the warm night air. “I can’t get out of the pool like this. Can you help me tie it back up again?”

That was when Aaron basically lost his mind…

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