Freshman Fantasies – $2.99


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Jamie, a lonely college virgin, has lusted after sexy Milly Stevens for years. Now he’s finally gotten up the nerve to ask her out. Little does he know that Milly’s been lusting after him as well — and she’s got quite a thing for virgins!

This 4650 word story contains semi-public sex, oral sex, virgin sex, multiple orgasms, and woman on top — very much on top!


He felt the orgasm building this time, knew from the long slow rise of it that it was going to be a monster.  He moved his thumb faster against her and pulled her down so he could lick her nipple again; she was a tall girl, and he could just reach her.

The noises Milly was making were completely incoherent now.  Her cunt made wet, filthy sounds as it squeezed up and down his cock.  She was so tight and slick; he didn’t know jack about this stuff but he prayed like hell it meant she was almost there because he doubted he could hold on much longer….

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