A Brother’s Love – $2.99


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Shannon is a young virgin whose gorgeous stepbrother Dean has returned home from four years away. Now her hormones are raging, and she’s tired of Dean looking at every other girl but her. But Shannon’s in for a surprise, because it turns out the lust in their family runs both ways!

This 6570 word story contains stepbrother/stepsister loving, taboo pseudoincest, inappropriate touching, oral sex, and virgin sex!


“Dean,” I said recklessly, “no one’s ever touched me like this before.  And…and I’m glad it’s you.  I know you can make me feel good.”

“Shannon, no,” he moaned.

But then his other hand slid under my tank top as well to cup my other breast, both of his thumbs strumming me like a stringed instrument.  I felt his nose pressing into my hair, then lower, then his mouth hot and wet on my neck.

God, I was burning all over!  Was this what I’d been missing all this time?  Somehow I suspected that it was only this hot because it was Dean, my brother—if it had been any other guy touching me it wouldn’t have felt nearly as incredible….

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